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We are a boutique investigation agency and carefully select which cases we accept in order to deliver the best outcome. If you do not see a service listed, contact us to find out how our vetted strategic network of professional and licensed industry partners locally and throughout the United States can assist you.

Wrongful Conviction 

There are approximately 10,000 individuals wrongfully convicted throughout the United States each year. As an attorney you need an experienced team with the knowledge and resources to effectively conduct an in-depth investigation. Defense teams have benefited from our understanding of how to provide a thorough and accurate investigation to overturn a wrongful conviction.


Whether it is to find a loved one, determine if an employee is remotely working from home, documenting the conditions in support of a child custody case, or locating an individual who does not want to be found, our experience and knowledge can help bring you piece of mind.

Child Custody 

A child custody investigation examines the well-being and treatment of a child in an objective manner. Our team of professional investigators have 28 years of experience interviewing witnesses, evidence gathering, taking sworn statements, verifying information, and obtaining documented proof to build a sold case. With the success of these investigations, we also have vast experience testifying in the court.

Due Diligence & Skip Tracing

Having all of the information on a parties past prior to acquiring property, a business merger or locating a defendant to serve legal documents have saved our clients both time and money. Let our experienced team help you.

Service of Process 

Our licensed investigators have developed and maintained a reputation with paralegals, attorneys, and legal teams for efficiently providing professional, prompt, and reliable process serving. We guarantee to initiate service within 24 hours from receipt without rush, priority, expedited or emergency service fees. We eliminate the liability that can arise when using a process server who is not properly trained or licensed.  

Comprehensive Background 

We do not use Google, free or inexpensive websites available to the public that report outdated and inaccurate information. We utilize proprietary databases available exclusively to licensed investigation agencies combined with verifying the information so that you can make sound and informed decisions.

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