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Innovative LegalServ is owned and operated by Jim Bailey, an experienced professional investigator specializing in child custody, wrongful conviction, due diligence, surveillance, process serving, and open-source intelligence (OSNIT).


As founder of Innovative LegalServ based in Baltimore, Maryland, Jim has built on his 15 years of experience successfully navigating complex investigative, intelligence, and research challenges. Jim has conducted over 2,800 investigations supporting attorneys, non-profit organizations, corporations, and individuals. Because of Jim’s knowledge, experience, and education, Innovative LegalServ has become one of Maryland’s premier investigation agencies.

Additionally, Jim and his team have supported local and state law enforcement to find over 345 registered non-compliant sex offenders throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia.

All of their investigators and support staff have been fully vetted and undergone an extensive  background investigation and are licensed through the Maryland State Police.  

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I have used Jim and Innovative LegalServ for process service of writs, show cause orders and subpoenas issued by the court. I have also recommended Innovative LegalServ to clients and colleagues who were in search of a private investigator. They have never let me down. I would highly recommend Jim and his team to any attorney or individual that needs to retain a process server or private investigator. Their professionalism and work ethic are top notch. 

Evan Koslow, Esq.

Koslow Law Firm, LLC, Annapolis, MD 

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