Our professional private investigators can help you get the results that you need.  We eliminate the liability that arises from using servers.

Innovative LegalServ is committed to making every effort to serve process within 24 hours or less from receipt. 

We don't just knock on doors.  We conduct a comprehensive preliminary investigation to identify vehicles, address history and other possible leads before the initial service attempt.  After the case, we provide a written final report detailing each attempt and affidavit within 24 hours.

Using our agency to serve process has its advantages, as we are licensed private investigators and expert skip trace professionals.  Along with serving process, our team has extensive experience in locating those who are evasive or attempting to avoid service.

Lastly, at Innovative LegalServ, we do not charge rush, priority, expedited, same day service fees or mileage.  Our attorney and law firm rates start at $85.

Service of Process
  • ​All documents go out for service the same day when received by 5:00 pm EST

  • We do not charge rush, priority, expedited or same day service fees.

  • No mileage fees.

  • Affidavits and final reports are processed within 24 hours after completion of the case assignment.

  • No printing fees.

  • Email updates after each attempt of service.

  • Licensed, experienced private investigators serving process.

  • 24 hour availability, 365 days

For Inquiries, Please Call or Email:

410.497.6200 | jim@innovativepi.net 

Practice Areas
  • Child Custody Investigation​

  • Surveillance

  • Background Investigation

  • Criminal Defense Investigation

  • Service of Process

  • Visitation & Exchange Monitoring 

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