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Since its founding, Innovative LegalServ has been dedicated to cultivating lasting relationships with our clients and providing only the best in customer service and investigative assistance available.  Innovative LegalServ was initially founded to assist law firms by serving process and locating evasive individuals, this quickly transitioned into domestic, background, and child custody investigations.  In 2018, Innovative LegalServ began to specialize in supervised visitation and exchange monitoring; providing piece of mind to individuals and their counsel.

Innovative LegalServ has provided executive protection for executives of some of the nation’s largest corporations.  Additionally, we have coordinated with local and state law enforcement to locate over 425 non-compliant registered sex offenders across Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. 

At Innovative LegalServ we take pride in keeping apprised of the investigative industry’s latest news and combining tried-and-true “old school” techniques with cutting edge technology to deliver the best results possible.

Jim Bailey, LPI

President, CEO


Jim is the founder of Innovative LegalServ, a licensed Private Investigator, and a United States Marine veteran.  While working for a national investigation company, Jim served as a Field Investigator, SIU Investigator, Field Trainer, and Case Manager.  Jim went on to work as an Investigator and Manager for a local investigation agency that involved investigations, undercover assignments, security and personal protection details.

Jim conducted surveillance assignments and investigations for various cases, such as workers' compensation, medical malpractice, background, infidelity, child custody, and missing persons.  With the success of these surveillance and investigations, Jim has vast experience testifying in the state and federal court systems.  Jim is also highly experienced in serving process where he has successfully completed over 16,000 cases.