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Based out of Baltimore, Innovative LegalServ is a Private Investigation Agency licensed by the Maryland State Police.  Unlike other agencies, we do not handle every type of investigation and we do not take on everyone's case that we speak with.  Our philosophy is to focus our expertise in areas where we can be beneficial and a good fit for our clients. 


Innovative LegalServ was initially founded to assist attorneys and paralegals with Service of Process and locating evasive defendants.  In 2019, we expanded our practice area to include:  Child Custody Investigation, Surveillance, Background Investigation, and Criminal Defense. 


Our services are highly client-centric.  Each investigation is catered to achieving the most definitive, court-ready results in an ethical manner.  We do this by asking the right questions and listening carefully.  We than hand-craft a comprehensive and cost-effective strategy that applies specifically to each client’s case.


For over a decade, our level of service has produced results that have allowed us to retain 94% of our clients.  Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and put our trusted team to work for you.  

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Practice Areas
  • Child Custody Investigation​

  • Surveillance

  • Background Investigation

  • Criminal Defense Investigation

  • Service of Process

  • Visitation & Exchange Monitoring 

You came highly recommended and I can see why. 

Michele Manculich, Esq.

Cox Law Group, Clarksville, MD

Innovative LegalServ is prompt, professional and accessible.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone for their professional needs.

Ed Herson, Esq.

Hershon Legal, Annapolis, MD

I would recommend Jim and his team to any attorney or individual who needs to retain a process server or private investigator.  Their professionalism and work ethic are top notch.

Evan Koslow, Esq.

Koslow Law Firm, LLC, Annapolis, MD

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