Private Investigator 

Specializing in Domestic, Wrongful Conviction & Corporate Investigation 


Pre-Litigation & Trial Support That You Can Rely on In The Most Critical Of Times


Our comprehensive background investigation is not a "quick check" using free sites that report outdated information.  We leave that to some of our competitors. 

We utilize proprietary databases  only available to licensed agencies combined with verifying the information so that you can make sound and informed decisions. 

Wrongful Conviction 

Wrongful convictions happen.  As an attorney you need a team with the experience and resources to effectively conduct an in-depth investigation. 


Defense teams have benefited from our 70 years of combined experience and understanding of how to provide a good, thorough, and accurate investigation to overturn a wrongful conviction. 


Our surveillance is specialized to help you find the information that you are looking for. 


Whether it is to find a loved one, determine if an employee is working from home, suspected fraud or locating an individual who does not want to be found, our teams experience and knowledge can help you. 

Child Custody

A child custody investigation

examines the well-being and treatment of a child in an objective manner. 

There are many different roles that our investigators play in a child custody investigation including: witness interviewing, evidence gathering, surveillance, and background investigations.  

Service of Process  

We have developed and maintained a reputation with paralegals, attorneys, and legal teams nationwide for efficiently providing professional, prompt, and reliable process serving. 

Our 97.3 % success rate of effecting service is credited to treating each assignment as if it were an investigation.  We don't just knock on doors!


Who We Are

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Innovative LegalServ is a boutique licensed and insured private investigation agency.  Along with their vetted strategic network of professional and licensed industry partners, Innovative LegalServ offers services throughout the United States and internationally, making them the sound choice for your investigation and process serving needs.

Founded in 2015, Innovative LegalServ’s focus was supporting attorneys and paralegals with service of process and skip tracing to locate evasive individuals.  In 2018, they expanded their areas of expertise to include: Comprehensive Background Investigation, Child Custody Investigation, and Criminal Investigation.  As one client describes, “I can see why you came highly recommended.  You have bridged the gap”.

Additionally, Innovative LegalServ has worked with local and state law enforcement to locate over 340 registered non-compliant sex offenders throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia.

Their services are highly client centric.  Each investigation is catered to achieving the most definitive, court-ready results in a professional and ethical manner.  Innovative LegalServ does this by asking the right questions and listening carefully.  They then handcraft a comprehensive and cost-effective strategy that applies specifically to each client’s case.

Innovative LegalServ has a skilled and diverse team of highly trained professional investigators in multiple fields of expertise, some including Background Investigation, Evidence Gathering, Due Diligence, Corporate Investigation, Desktop Investigation, Executive Protection, Surveillance, Wrongful Conviction, Service of Process, Child Custody Investigation, and Undercover Investigation.

Since 2015, their level of service produces results that allow them to continue to thrive in an extremely competitive market and retain 94% of their clients.


Innovative LegalServ is an active member of the Maryland Investigators & Security Association and Fraternal Order of Investigators.


What Our Clients Say

You came highly recommended and I can see why.

Michele Manculich, Esq.

Cox Law Group, Clarksville, MD

I would recommend Jim and his team to any attorney or individual who need to retain a process server or private investigator.  Their professionalism and work ethic are top notch.

Evan Koslow, Esq.

Koslow Law Firm, LLC, Annapolis, MD

I have partnered with Innovative LegalServ on multiple occasions and have always found their work ethic to be of the highest integrity.  They are reliable and go the extra mile to ensure that clients get all they pay for and a little more.  

Tom Gorgone, CEO

Forensic Investigation Specialist, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

Innovative LegalServ is prompt, professional, and assessible.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone for their professional needs.

Ed Hershon, Esq.

Hershon Legal, LLC, Annapolis, MD 


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